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Mobile massage, Therapies and  Courses in London

Making you the best therapist

Body And Soul College will take you to the next level, in each training you will learn how to deliver the best Treatment and how to keep yourself energetically and physically balanced.You can book your group training, or if if you prefer you can book a private training just for you in the comfort of your home!

Deep Tissue Massage

You will Learn Deep Tissue techniques including Trigger Points, Palpation, and positioning yourself to work safely and injury free! This course is essential for you if you are looking to master your skills.

Pregnancy Massage

A prenatal massage addresses a wide range of health issues, from physical concerns to emotional ones.  With knowledge of the specific positioning recommendations and safety concerns for pregnant women


Reiki is a Japanese natural system of harmonisation and energy replacement. The Reiki method is a healing therapy that gives us better quality of life, health and a lot of PEACE of mind.

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